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Nib penholder - experience in wood for more than 111 years!

Nib penholder made of wood are well known all over the world.
Our products are "made in Germany" and are also still made on traditional turning machines in the classical manner today.

Just as our company founder Konrad Ehmann did in 1899.




Classic nib pen since 1899, new in FSC®-wood.

Classical penholder,
as well in coloured

Antique nib penholder in historic shape, made of seven year old mahogany timber.

Nib penholder with cork grip,
new in FSC-wood.

Classic nib penholder, with handmade marbled finish.
New in FSC-wood.

Nib penholder in ergonomic shape mahogany or black stained,
for artists. With assembled nib.

Classic blotter, beech natural, walnut stained or black.

Classic blotter in small size, beech natural,
walnut stained or black. Comes with assembled paper, recharcheable.

without image:

High qualitiy paper refill, 10 pcs.
size fitting for blotter Quench Boy or blotter Mini.

1943  Quench boy
1944  Mini